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Technical problems highlighted as biggest frustration for workers

21 May 2012

Businesses may need to make better use of people in IT jobs if they are to avoid losing members of staff due to the stress caused by technical problems.

A survey carried out among 800 office workers discovered that email and internet failures are the most stressful problems that can be encountered in the office, with 31 per cent telling it makes their blood boil.

This was even greater than the 18 per cent who said an unrealistic workload gets them riled.

The survey could prompt bosses to utilise people in IT jobs to carry out regular check-ups on their systems to prevent problems before they occur.

"One crack in this delicate technology and an entire office can be brought to a complete standstill, with the potential to reduce a company’s output to zero," said an spokesperson.

Technical malfunctions and problems accessing infrastructure could be among the reasons why 60 per cent of respondents to a Bing poll want to change their jobs, HR magazine recently reported.