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Expert offers tips on CVs for graduates

02 May 2012

With so much competition in the jobs market at present, graduates are sure to be eager to help their CV stand out from the crowd.

Dan Hawes, co-founder of the Graduate Recruitment Bureau, offered some advice to those leaving university soon on how to do this.

Firstly, he urged everyone to check and carefully proof-read their CV, as he claimed 60 per cent now contain some kind of linguistic error.

This corresponds with recent comments from Charlie Ryan, owner of, who said she has seen applications thrown in the bin because of poor spelling and grammar.

The expert also warned people looking for HR jobs and other roles to ensure a CV is a sales document and not a rambling autobiography, otherwise employers will not be able to pick out relevant experience.

A maximum of two pages seems to be the best length, Mr Hawes said.

Finally, he suggested graduates should not worry about being pushy and should make a follow-up call to see what the employer thought of the CV.

"We always recommend following up, it is about standing out and being at the front of the mind with the recruiter," he concluded.