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Jobseekers offered tips on the right way to present a CV

19 Apr 2012

With increasing competition for jobs, it can be difficult for candidates to stand out from the crowd, even at the stage of presenting their curriculum vitae (CV) for scrutiny.

Charlie Ryan, owner of, has come up with some advice - and she warned that presentation is key.

"Regardless of content, their CV should be beautifully presented," she commented, adding that many applications are currently being thrown in the bin because poor spelling and grammar makes the applicant look careless.

Interestingly, Ms Ryan recommended that people on the hunt for HR jobs and other roles should be able to get to their would-be employer in 45 minutes or less on the daily commute.

This follows a new poll by office development group Goodman, which found that one in ten respondents is planning to relocate because they want to be closer to work.

Ms Ryan also said CVs should be changed for every role applied for and advised people against being creative at the expense of being factual and relevant.