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Wages 'will vary by region and skill level'

23 Mar 2012

People need to be aware when looking for jobs in IT and HR that wages can vary significantly depending on area.

Fintan O'Toole, a HR expert, said the candidate's skill level and the kind of job they are applying for will also have an effect on the amount of money they can expect to earn.

However, he pointed out that people do not have to feel stuck in one role and therefore in one wage bracket - instead, they can keep adding to their personal development.

"The way that a person will do well within their own organisation is to discuss with their employer the way in which they can perhaps look to develop their career and take on additional responsibilities," Mr O'Toole added.

Getting more qualifications and then seeing what other jobs are available at IT recruitment agencies is another option.

Brushing up on interview techniques could be vital if this is the case, as a recent learndirect survey found that around a quarter of unemployed jobseekers say they don't know how to create a good impression in interviews.