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Small firms should innovate where possible, claims strategist

22 Feb 2012

Small businesses, including ones such as human resources recruitment agencies, have been urged to be more experimental, even in these difficult economic times.

The advice comes from Robert Jones, strategist at Wolff Olins, who has suggested that small firms can take a leaf out of bigger businesses' books in terms of business operations.

Mr Jones said: "It's easier for a small business to be experimental because there's less at stake - it's relatively easier to be quick and to try things and learn from them.

He also added that companies may wish to undergo a period of engagement with their staff in order to discuss what exactly can be done to change and innovate within its infrastructure.

"If you’re not sure what your purpose is beyond profit, for the next four weeks, work it out."

Wolff Olins recently released its Game Changers report, which found that companies recognise the important factors required to generate long-term growth, but don't invest adequate resources and energies into them.