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Most businesses are set to boost their sales teams

23 Mar 2011

The vast majority of businesses are looking to the future with an air of positivity, with 75 per cent claiming they hope to increase the number of sales staff they employ in the coming year.

A new survey conducted by found that just two per cent have plans to reduce their sales workforce.

Commenting on the research, claimed that the positive hiring sentiment is great news for both sales jobs candidates and the economy as a whole.

The news provider's Ben Turner said: "The report makes good reading for sales professionals who will be looking forward to increased job opportunities and a possible improvement of current benefit packages."

However, part of the rise in opportunities may come from increased staff turnover levels.

The report's authors claim that rising defection rates could put huge amounts of pressure on organisations who want to retain the best staff.

More than half of the firms surveyed also noted that they were concerned about the level of sales talent in the current marketplace - so sales jobs candidates are likely to have to continue working hard if they are to win the best roles.